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Connect Club and Ambassador Program

Ready to make a meaningful impact and become a part of the Connect Club and Ambassador Program? Click here to JOIN US today and embark on an exciting journey of service, leadership, and community engagement.

Club Connect Program

The Club Connect Program aims to guide students in assessing their readiness and potential to establish School Service Connection clubs at their schools. This program will provide students with the necessary tools and support to determine if they can successfully initiate and sustain a club. 

  • Information Sessions: Hold informative sessions where interested students can learn about the purpose, values, and activities of School Service Connection. These sessions will provide an overview of the club establishment process, requirements, and the benefits of starting a School Service Connection club. 

  • Application and Proposal: Students interested in creating a School Service Connection club will be required to submit an application and proposal detailing their vision, goals, and plans for the club. The proposal should include information on the club's objectives, target audience, potential projects, and strategies for community engagement. 

  • Review and Feedback: A panel comprising School Service Connection representatives and experienced club leaders will review the proposals and provide feedback to the applicants. The feedback will focus on the feasibility, alignment with School Service Connection's mission, and potential for community impact. 

  • Club Development Resources: For students whose proposals show promise and potential, School Service Connection will provide a range of resources and materials to assist in club development. These resources may include a Club Development Toolkit, sample templates, event planning guides, and access to relevant contacts and networks. 

  • Mentorship and Guidance: Assign experienced School Service Connection club leaders or volunteers as mentors to guide and support students through the club establishment process. Mentors will offer advice, share their experiences, and provide ongoing support to help students overcome challenges and make informed decisions. 

  • Trial Period: To ensure the viability of the proposed clubs, students will be given a trial period to conduct preliminary activities and gauge interest and participation among their peers. During this period, students will have the opportunity to organize and execute small-scale service projects or awareness campaigns. 

  • Evaluation and Feedback: At the end of the trial period, students will be required to submit a progress report and present their achievements and lessons learned. School Service Connection representatives and mentors will evaluate the club's performance, provide constructive feedback, and offer further guidance if the club shows potential for continuation. 

  • Club Approval and Support: Upon successful completion of the trial period and evaluation, School Service Connection will officially approve the establishment of the new club. Approved clubs will gain access to ongoing support, resources, and networking opportunities offered by School Service Connection. 

Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program within School Service Connection is designed to empower student leaders and enhance the engagement and involvement of high school clubs. Ambassadors serve as representatives of their respective clubs, acting as a bridge between their club and School Service Connection. They play a crucial role in fostering effective communication, sharing ideas and initiatives, and promoting collaboration among the clubs. 

- Responsibilities and Activities of Ambassadors: 

  • Liaison Role: Ambassadors act as a primary point of contact between their high school club and School Service Connection. They maintain regular communication with the Club Liaison and provide updates on club activities, achievements, and challenges. 

  • Communication and Feedback: Ambassadors actively engage with their club members, collecting feedback, ideas, and suggestions. They convey this valuable input to the organization, ensuring that the voices of the high school clubs are heard and considered. 

  • Collaboration and Best Practices: Ambassadors participate in regular meetings, events, and networking opportunities organized by School Service Connection. They connect with other ambassadors, share best practices, and learn from one another's experiences. This collaboration helps create a supportive community of student leaders committed to community service. 

  • Idea and Initiative Sharing: Ambassadors contribute to the development of School Service Connection by sharing innovative ideas and proposing new initiatives. They bring forward the unique perspectives and insights of their high school clubs, fostering creativity and encouraging continuous improvement within the organization. 

  • Club Development Support: Ambassadors provide support to their high school clubs by sharing resources, guidance, and expertise from School Service Connection. They assist their clubs in overcoming challenges, developing impactful projects, and maximizing their community impact. 

  • Representation at Events: Ambassadors have the opportunity to represent their high school clubs at School Service Connection events, meetings, and conferences. They showcase the achievements of their clubs, network with other organizations and stakeholders, and contribute to the collective voice of student-led community service. 

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