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Our Story

In May 2023, we founded Eagle's Service Connection with the vision of providing fellow students with meaningful opportunities to earn volunteer hours while making a positive impact in our community. As members of the club, we coordinate a variety of events and activities in collaboration with local organizations, allowing us to give back and contribute to the betterment of society. By actively participating in Eagle's Service Connection, we not only accumulate volunteer hours but also gain invaluable experience, develop essential skills, and foster a sense of social responsibility.

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Purpose of Eagle's Service Connection is to provide students with opportunities to earn volunteer hours by coordinating events and activities with local organizations. Through these events, members of the club can give back to their community while also gaining valuable experience and developing important skills.

Non-Profits We Work With

- Habitat for Humanity
- Must Ministries
- Partnership Against Domestic Violence
- Keep Cherokee Beautiful

School clubs we work with

- Beta Club
- Red Cross Club

- Mu Alpha Theta
- Sprouts Program

Expanding Horizons: Uniting High Schools for Greater Community Impact

Building on the success of Eagle's Service Connection since its establishment in May 2023, we are now inspired to take our initiative to the next level by expanding our reach and collaborating with other high schools. We are eager to work with organizations and create even more meaningful opportunities for students to earn volunteer hours, make a positive impact on our community, and cultivate a sense of social responsibility. Together, we strive to extend our influence, empower students from diverse backgrounds, and amplify the collective effort of high schools in creating a lasting and significant change.

Get Involved!

Are you a high school/college student interested in forming a club like ours? Click below to discover how you can get started and learn more about the process!

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