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Connect Club Program Application

Are you passionate about starting your own club? Take the first step by downloading our application, fill it out with your details and ideas, and join us in making your club a reality. We can't wait to review your application and support you on this exciting journey!

Join the Ambassador Program

If you are applying for the Club Connect Program, we highly encourage you to consider joining the Ambassador role within School Service Connection. As an Ambassador, you will serve as a vital liaison between your high school/College club and our organization, facilitating communication, sharing ideas, and fostering collaboration among clubs. The Ambassador role offers a unique opportunity to enhance your leadership skills, build connections with other student leaders, and contribute to the growth and impact of School Service Connection. By becoming an Ambassador, you will play a crucial role in promoting student empowerment, community engagement, and the overall success of our mission.

Once your club has been approved and established through the Club Connect Program, you will have the exciting opportunity to join the School Service Connection Ambassador Program. This program is designed to empower student leaders like you who have demonstrated a commitment to community service and shown potential in driving positive change. As an Ambassador, you will serve as a representative of your club, connecting with other student leaders, sharing best practices, and collaborating on impactful initiatives. Joining the Ambassador Program will provide you with valuable resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities to further enhance your club's impact and contribute to the collective voice of student-led community service.

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